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"Kerry’s anatomy workshops are top notch - they’re well thought out, specific to our barre program, and constantly evolving. She's really such a wonderful source of knowledge and has a passion that spreads to those around her. Kerry also has the wonderful gift of being able to integrate the themes she covers in her workshops into her classes while maintaining a deeply thoughtful and meditative goes to show anatomy applied to teaching shouldn't feel text book in the least. Studying with her, then having the opportunity to take a class with her, for me, is a delicious treat, a cathartic release for mind, body, and soul! I look forward to her workshops year after year."

Michelle Lazarus
owner, The Dailey Method Venice Beach

"I have been a full time yoga teacher for 30 years. Anatomy is important for us to know - and yet I remember snoozing through countless hours of Anatomy sessions over the years. But not with Kerry! I was engaged and interested through all the sessions. Kerry’s contributions to my teacher trainings were fun, informative and most importantly, hands-on, meaning that instead of presenting dry facts about Anatomy, she was able to translate the information into practical applications of movement. Kerry is skilled and knows her stuff! Whatever the highest recommendation there is - I give it. "

Katchie Ananda
Yoga and Dharma Teacher, Animal Lover and Author of The Art of Awakening

"Kerry is incredibly knowledgeable in anatomy. She is able to guide all teachers, from anatomy beginners to experts, to a place of confidence in their anatomy knowledge. When it comes to anatomy, the amount of learning is infinite and Kerry is able to find the right balance. She teaches at a level that enables teachers to be able to answer nearly all student questions, while not overloading teachers with so much detail that little is retained. Kerry is also able to apply her anatomy knowledge to fitness and even more specifically to The Dailey Method Barre classes in a way that brings clarity for teachers and improves their overall teaching ability."

Jamie Rigby
owner, The Dailey Method Ottowa

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