Anatomy: One Step at a Time

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Module 1 Feet through Knees

Alignment starts with your foundation!  In this module we'll learn the musculoskeletal anatomy from feet to knees and explore how subtle alignment shifts can help you create more stability and strength all the way up the kinetic chain.  BUY NOW!

Module 2 Hips & Pelvis

Your hips and pelvis are centrally located in the kinetic chain.  In this module we'll learn the musculoskeletal anatomy of the hip joint and the muscles that support and stabilize the pelvis. Optimal flexibility and strength in the muscles that support the hips and pelvis is essential to full body balance and injury prevention.  BUY NOW!

Module 3 The Core

In this module you'll gain a deeper understanding of the core musculature. We'll take an in depth look at the pelvic floor, abdominal wall, deep spinal muscles and the diaphragm. Understanding how to activate your deep core musculature is essential to safe movement of your spine in your fitness practice as well as in your every day life. BUY NOW!

Module 4 Shoulders through Hands

In this module we'll explore the joints of the shoulder complex as well as the elbows, wrists and hands. Understanding how best to use the small muscles in your hands for foundation as well as finding optimal mobility and stability in the shoulder joint will help keep you and your students strong and injury free! BUY NOW!

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