Complete Musculoskeletal Anatomy Course



What to Expect?

The Complete Musculoskeletal Anatomy Course is broken up into five easily digestible modules covering musculoskeletal anatomy from the foot to head. You'll have lifetime access to your course so you can go at your own pace.

  • learn the basic musculoskeletal anatomy including the primary bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • review the range of motion in the joints as well as some common alignment issues and injuries. 
  • look at some common exercises that utilize the muscles you just learned about so that you can begin to bring your anatomical knowledge into your own fitness and teaching practice in an accessible and practical way.
  • join a community of like-minded fitness professionals in our private Facebook group where you can interact with Kerry and the Anatomy4Fitness community LIVE

It's Time!

Take your teaching and your business to the next level with Anatomy4Fitness! The Complete Musculoskeletal Anatomy Course is approved for continuing education credits. Score 85% or better on the final assessment to earn: 0.3 NASM CEUs / 3.0 AFAA CEUs / 0.3 ACE CEUs


Not ready to take on the full course? You can also purchase course modules individually! Only the complete course is approved for NASM/AFAA/ACE CEUs

Feet > Knees


Understand how foot alignment affects movement all the way through the kinetic chain. Know how to keep your clients' knees strong and safe


Hips > Pelvis


Identify the muscle groups that move the hips. Show how to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the hip effectively for every client you work with.


The "Core"


Understand the "core". Identify the abdominal wall, pelvic floor, deep spinal and breathing muscles and explain how they work together for optimal support and spinal health.


Shoulders > Hands


Learn the anatomy of the shoulder girdle from the inside out. Understand how to find both mobility and stability in the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands.


Keep in Touch!

Let's keep the conversation going! Your anatomical learning doesn't end with one course. Grow in your practice as a student and as a teacher! 


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